What You Need to Do Before Shipping Your Car Over the Border

Shipping Vehicles from Canada to the United States

Shipping your car over the border from Canada to The United States can be an intimidating process, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s not something you have to go through alone, especially if it’s your first time doing it.

Whether you’re moving across the border permanently, going there for an extended period, or shipping your vehicle across for another reason, you should trust a car transport service to help you with the process. These professionals will make the process significantly less stressful for you. But before you ship the vehicle over the border, here are a few things you need to do:

Have the Proper Documents Ready

A car transport company will be able to get your car through American Customs, but only with the necessary documentation. First, you’ll have to fill out a 3299 Form from the US Department of Homeland Security, which will give you the ability to freely ship the car to America. You’ll also have to provide either a copy of your passport or a copy of your driver’s license and birth certificate, as well as a copy the vehicle’s title. Lastly, you’ll have to provide the transport service with a letter address to them, giving them permission to take your car over the border.

Have the Vehicle Ready

It’s important to ensure the vehicle is in good condition to travel. Make sure it has enough fuel and that the fluid levels are all good. You should also check on the battery life, inspect the engine and tires for any issues, and remove any outside accessories that could become damaged during the transport. It’s additionally wise to remove any personal objects from inside the vehicle beforehand.

Consider Registration

This will depend entirely on how long you plan to keep the car in the United States. If you’re a snowbird or are just going to be there a few months, don’t worry about it. But if the vehicle is going to be in the United States for a year or more, it will need to be registered.

If you’re looking to have a vehicle shipped from Western Canada to the Western or Midwestern United States, Car Couriers Inc. is here for you. As a family-owned business that has transported vehicles across the border for more than two decades, we’ll ensure that your car arrives at its destination on time. Call us today at  888-637-2770 to learn more about our shipping services.