International Multiple Car/Fleet Transport Services from Canada to US

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At Car Couriers, we understand that efficiently moving multiple vehicles is essential for businesses and dealerships across Canada and the United States. Our specialized Multi-Car Fleet Transport Services are designed to meet the unique demands of transporting fleets, providing a seamless and reliable solution for your multi-vehicle transportation needs.

Multi-Car Shipping Services

Our comprehensive services encompass a wide range of fleet transportation solutions:

  • Multi-Car Transport Services: Whether you have a fleet of cars, trucks, or specialty vehicles, we have the capacity to move multiple loads of 20-30 vehicles at the same time, ensuring efficient and cost-effective transport.
  • International Fleet Transport Services: Our expertise extends beyond borders, enabling us to provide international fleet transport services that meet the global needs of our clients. We specialize in cross-border transportation, ensuring compliance with regulations and smooth customs procedures.
  • Spot Bidding for Manufacturers/Dealers: If your company needs to transport multiple vehicles and is seeking competitive quotes from service providers, we are here to meet your requirements efficiently and cost-effectively.

International Multi-Car Transport Services

Transporting multiple vehicles in a single shipment not only saves you time but also reduces costs. Our Multi-Car Shipping Services cater to businesses and dealerships with diverse vehicle fleets, offering a convenient and economical solution. Car Couriers also excels in cross-border operations, facilitating seamless transport from Canada to the United States and vice versa.

  • Rental Agencies
  • Dealerships
  • Businesses and Companies
  • Short-Term Lease Providers

Effective communication with our customers and dispatch team is at the heart of our service. We understand the importance of staying informed about your fleet’s progress and ensuring your transportation needs are met with precision.

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