Canadian/American Border Car Shipping

International Auto Transport

Car Couriers Inc is your international vehicle mover.  You may believe that moving a vehicle from one country to another has to be a complicated, troublesome endeavor but that is not the case with us.  We have the experience to make moving your vehicle from one country to another a simple task.

Don’t Be Afraid Of International Auto Transport

Most people have concerns about moving a vehicle from one country to another.  They are concerned that something will happen at the border and that they will wish they had not even attempted the move.  These fears are unfounded when you choose a company with ample experience in these matters, a company like Car Couriers Inc.

Whether you are going from Canada to the United States or from the United States to Canada there are certain protocols that must be followed.  We know these protocols and can make sure that the transport of your vehicle happens without incident.  There are many rules and regulations that apply to the movement of vehicles from one country to another but we can provide you with the information that will help you understand exactly what these rules and regulations are.

Auto Transport Is What We Do

Auto transport is our business.  Whether we are helping you by transporting your vehicle from one country to another or if we are serving as your Canada car movers, we can take your car and deliver it to the location of your choice.  This is what we do.  Let us take care of your auto transport needs while you focus on more important things.

All Your Auto Transport Needs

We can fill all your auto transport needs.  Whether you need to move one vehicle or many, we can help.  Whether you need to move them across country or to another country, we can help.  Our service area encompasses Western Canada and the Mid Western United States.  Whatever your auto transport needs are bring them to us so that we can show you how easy auto transport can be with Car Couriers Inc.

As international vehicle movers, it is our job to take the guesswork and the work out of the vehicle transport experience.  You are hiring us so that we will take care of the move for you and that is precisely what we do.  You just get to enjoy having your car where you want it to be.