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Why You Should Ship Your Car to Your Winter Home

Cars being transported on a carrier

With the temperatures starting to cool and the days getting shorter, we’re drawing ever closer to the dreaded winter season. Sure, we’re still a month or more away before the weather gets too bad in some parts of the country. But if you’re among the millions of people who relocate in the winter, you’re probably… Read more »

Maintenance To Do Before Shipping Your Car Long Distance

A man changes the oil in his car

If you’re having your car professionally shipped long distance, there are a few things you have to do to prepare beforehand. It’s not as simple as dropping your car off and having it show up across the country. One of the key aspects of the preparation process is maintenance. You have to be sure that… Read more »

Myths about Shipping Your Car

Many of us will have to move our cars a long distance at least once during our lifetimes. Using Car Couriers is wonderful because it is easy and convenient, and takes one concern out of the many that are generated by having to move. But there are several myths surrounding the use of car couriers… Read more »