Self Driving Cars: a Threat to the Industry?

self driving carsImagine walking out your door and getting in your vehicle, you then type in the location you would like to go to and you car merges into traffic. You can now sit back and relax as your driving vehicle does all the work for you. It may be reminiscent of a cartoon you used to know as a child. And the truth is the self driving vehicles will look something like the pod flying vehicles that popular family drove.

These vehicles will be able to detect accidents before they happen and everyone in the vehicle is now a passenger. Although this may seem like a dream of the future, the future I now and those vehicles are coming to life.

Google has developed a self driving vehicle and has plans to build a new fleet and system to operate them. This will not happen overnight but it will eventually affect all industries to do with the auto industry. First will be the oil industry. These vehicles will run on battery power and will not need fuel such as gas to run.

Not only will it directly impact the amount of fuel needed in vehicles it will also affect the amount of oil consumed by the industries that supply car parts to auto manufacturers. This includes the industries that manufacture the metal parts for frames and doors. Although the self driving cars will need new parts they will be less likely to get into an accident, therefore they will need less replacement parts.

Lastly the shipping industry will be affected. At first it may actually increase in business to get the parts where they need to go. But after that there will be fewer parts to move. But the shipping industry need not worry. We in America like to constantly improve what we already have. This means the shipping industry will always be needed to move new vehicles, new parts, and new computer systems around the world. These self driving cars may be able to drive themselves but that doesn’t mean they will be able to move the vehicle parts where they need to be to get the car together.