The hero’s journey: starting an auto transporting business part 2

In an earlier post, we discussed the motivation behind starting a car courier business. It is certainly the beginning of a hero’s journey, as oftentimes you help families move. You are an essential part in helping them start a new life. Their stress level will decrease remarkably the moment you are in the fold. Your heart will swell, knowing you are helping someone in need. Auto transporting businesses love this feeling. You always have to ask yourself, why am I in the auto transporting business? Know that the auto transporting industry is a competitive one. There are many companies around, vying for customers. What separates you from the rest?

Have you decided on whether your business will be open transport, enclosed transport or both? Once you establish that, you must consider what kind of cars you will transport. Will you transport average cars, such as the Chevy Cruz, Chevy Suburban or Honda Odyssey or vintage cars, such as the Shelby GT40 or the 1969 Corvette Sting Ray? These differences can make or break a car carrier service, so do not make any decisions hastily or carelessly. There is much more to consider if you are transporting a rare and expensive car. Just imagine a customer’s reaction if their ’69 Corvette is damaged on the trip! Not a pretty sight and with good reason. Can you handle the pressure?

The industry has its fair share of regulations. Make sure you have all the proper permissions and licenses. There is always paperwork to fill out, especially if you are planning to transport cars between states and provinces. Licenses and rules vary from state to state, province to province, so you have to cover your bases. Many auto transporting businesses that avoid paperwork have to work around certain states, coming up with routes that are not only arduous, but also costly and timely. Taking the extra time to fill out the proper paperwork is well worth it. Can you handle the paperwork?

Questions to consider

What separates you from the competition?

What is your budget?

Will you be open transport, enclosed transport or both?

Will you transport average cars, vintage cars or both?

Will you be small or big? Will you cross state- and province-lines?

Will you take the time to fill out the proper paperwork?

At Car Couriers Inc., we suggest carefully looking over these questions. If confused, do not hesitate in contacting us!