The hero’s journey: starting an auto transporting business part 1

The family

For a family, moving is stressful enough, especially if they have many things to transport. If the move is cross country, the stress is unbearable. With a car courier, a family does not have to worry about putting extra miles on their car and driving back and forth between destinations. Now imagine having little kids or an upset baby in the backseat. You will feel the relocation enthusiasm fly out the window. That is no way to begin the next chapter in your family’s life. You need a hero, someone who can deliver your vehicle to the destination, to brave the open road no matter the weather.

The hero

The early morning sun is glowing. It reminds you of a bowl of oranges. You roll down your window. The Pacific air feels good on your face and revitalizes you as it sweeps into your lungs. It has been a good drive. You have just crossed into British Columbia. You are transporting a young family’s car across the country, from Vaughan ON to Victoria. They are relocating. They are nervous, but excited. You are the central cog in their big life transition. Without you transporting their vehicle and relieving them of that heavy burden, the cross country relocation would not go half as smooth. In a way, you are their saving grace. Car couriers help to change lives for the better; they help to build families. Don’t you want to be a hero? A car courier hero?

How to begin

You want to be a hero, don’t you? Are you interested in starting a car courier service? Thought so. Well, first you must decide what kind of auto transporting business you want to do. There are many. Some provide open transport for regular vehicles – the average family’s vehicle, let’s say. Some are more specialized, offering enclosed transport for those vintage, exotic and rare builds, such as the Shelby GT40 or the 1969 Corvette Sting Ray. Some businesses do both. It all depends on your goals and personality.

The next question to consider is, to enclose or not to enclose? There is open transport and then there is enclosed transport. If you are an open transport service, you use haulers that expose the vehicle to the elements – snow, rain, hail, etc. This does pose a bit of risk, especially if you get caught in a hailstorm. An enclosed transport service, however, makes sure the car is sealed in and protected like a sandwich in a ziploc bag.

So – what are you? Open or enclosed? Average or vintage?

Before you decide, do a little research on other auto transporting services. Is there one in your city or area? If so, what do they specialize in? If they focus on open transports, for example, you may want to consider starting an enclosed transport service. Again, it depends on the area. The first step on any hero’s journey is a little research.

Stay tuned for part 2, and to learn more about a car courier service, please contact Car Couriers Inc.