The First Things to go on High Mileage Vehicles

head gasketThe higher the mileage on a vehicle, the less desirable it will be in the market place. People see vehicles with higher mileage as sources of higher liability and headaches. This is because components of a vehicle break down with every mile passing under those tires.

The odometer is a top selling point on your car. If the body is in good shape and it runs well, the next thing a buyer will look at is the number of miles clocked. This is because regardless of the type of mileage, certain components wear down and need replacement. In this regard, it doesn’t matter if the brunt of your mileage is from city or highway driving.

Your car’s entire exhaust system is susceptible to wear and exposure to the elements. Moreover, it runs hot with every mile extending under your floorboard. Moreover, your head gasket faces breakdown just the same if you’re on the highway or city streets, thanks to exposure to extreme engine temperatures, especially in the winter when outside temperatures are extreme as well.

To an extent, your suspension also wears the same on the highway as it does on the street. These components of your vehicle all wear the same in stop-and-go traffic or on the open road. And this is why mileage is best to avoid racking up on your vehicle, especially if you plan to resell it.

When planning a long trip, but need your car when you get there, there are plenty of car transport services who will get your vehicle where you are going for an affordable price. This way you can fly or rent a car to your destination without having to worry about racking up mileage to protect maintenance costs, fueling costs or hurting your eventual resale price.