The First Thing a Buyer Looks at on a Used Vehicle…

high mileage vehicleAs you know, the higher the mileage on a vehicle, the less desirable it will be in the market place. People see vehicles with higher mileage as sources of higher liability and headaches. And for the most part, they are correct. Components of a vehicle break down with every mile passing under those tires.
When answering the age-old question, “how many miles you got on that thing?” the owner of a vehicle wants to hear the most satisfying response they could possibly hear back; “oh that’s it?” That’s because this offers the owner so much more comfort their car is valid than “Wow! That’s a lot of mileage!” This is why the odometer is king.
Not only is assurance a vehicle will last a long time comforting and validating, it also is great from an investor perspective. Along with looking into resale value, cost of maintenance and reliability reputation, those who treat their vehicle as an investment, rather than just a mode of transportation, look at how much mileage the vehicle has racked up.
Keeping the mileage off your car by any means necessary is imperative to ensuring you will get the best dollar when it comes to sell. This obviously means driving it as little as possible, regardless of whether or not you are planning on mostly highway driving. Enlisting such resources as vehicle transport companies and renting automobiles for business trips can ensure the odometer on your dashboard stays a low number.
In the end the buyer is looking at one thing when he is considering buying your car off you; the odometer. This is because everyone wants a low mileage vehicle. When it comes down to where the pen meets the paper, it really doesn’t matter if your mileage is all ‘highway miles,’ because you can’t prove it. Sure the mechanics are in better working order than they would be on a vehicle forced to endure stop and go city traffic, and this better ride is likely to help your sale when your potential buyer wants to go for a test drive. But in the end, the odometer is king and will dictate the price you will land for your vehicle.