The evolution of car carriers

When people think about car transport, often their mind jumps to pictures of hulking car carriers that guzzle diesel while transporting thousands of pounds of metal across the country. You could forgive a lot of people for assuming that this process isn’t exactly environmentally friendly. However, there are some advances in car shipping methods that are catching up to current debates about sustainability and the use of alternative fuels.

Servco Automotive is a Hawaiian business located on the island of Oahu that is responsible for car transportation to many of the island’s retail dealerships. In July, Servco announced that it would be purchasing Oahu’s first new car carriers since 1990. In addition to being in great condition, these transport carriers are designed to leave a much smaller mark on the environment than past vehicles.

These trucks still burn diesel but use fuel much more efficiently through the use of a 24-volt hydraulic motor. The car loading mechanism is also much simpler to use and all of the car hookups can be made with the truck operator on the ground. These carriers can fit a maximum of nine vehicles and include many extra safety features missing on older models, such as a reinforced cab and driver’s side airbags.

The benefits of a safe and effective system of automotive transport are well known. When a client must move a car between areas, sometimes hundreds of miles, a car carrier service may be the only option to make sure the job is done reliably. Car carrier customers can often purchase insurance, giving them protection on their cross-country transport that they cannot provide themselves.

Car carriers must be concerned with not just moving a vehicle from one area to another but also the safe transport of that vehicle. Much like Servco, Car Couriers is always interested in improving our services for the safety of your vehicle and the planet at large. Call us if you are in need of car transport services in Canada or the United States.