Saving Time on your Travels

quick travelTime. It’s a big concept. The hours of the day. The minutes in those hours. The seconds that are organed in the minutes…ah…we can go on and on about the meaning of time; philosophers and artists have been doing it for centuries.


But it’s like you’re peeling an onion and that onion as gigantic as the arctic. Better yet, it’s a Russian nesting doll that goes on until infinity. That’s time for you. It really hasn’t changed. It’s the same now as it was when you were born. It will be the same when you die. It’s a constant. An absolute.


Then why does it feel like we have less time today than we did yesterday? When did our lives become a series of blurs that ends with a flop into beds? Statistics show that we live in anxious times. Chances are you have more than one job, a lot on your plate, and there’s no real way to cut open the clock and reconfigure it’s tongue and voice so that it tells you something differently. We’re always rushing and rushing…and a little more rushing added for good measure. See, what we do as Car Couriers is give you a little bit of that time back. No, it’s not by magic or divine intervention that we salvage your days and nights; we just do our job well so you don’t have to worry about shipping your car somewhere far away from you.


Whether you’re relocating and go away for business, we’ll be there for you. Frankly, do you really have the time to transport your vehicles from Ontario to British Colombia? Probably not. That would be a waste of time and we’re in the business of saving you time, making you less anxious than you already are. Contact us today if you have any big moves coming up and we’ll be sure to help you out!