Preparing Your Car for Transporting

transporting car

There are a lot of questions about having to transport your car, but the biggest one is surely “How do I prepare my car?” Below is a list of things you can do to help yourself.

Pre-Existing Damage

Make sure you look for and document any pre-existing damage. First you will want to thoroughly wash your car. Make a list of any dents, chips, or scratches. It might also be a good idea to take pictures of your car, close up and from far away. Make sure there are dates on any pictures.

Another thing to take time to do is to remove any valuable items. There is a good chance that your vehicle will be travelling unlocked because it will be inspected numerous times throughout the trip. Removing items like your GPS system, detachable stereos, CDs or faceplates would give you the peace of mind you need while your car is in transport.

Aside from piece of mind, if you are crossing the border between Canada and America, customs might not allow these extras to move through, which would cause a hiccup in traveling plans. This includes anything that would normally be found in your trunk, as well. They only have the ability to transport your car!

Tags and Parking Passes

Any toll tags or parking passes on your car should be taken down and deactivated. These items could be charged along the way, which would cost you extra money in the long run.

Preparing for Transport

While your car will not be driven much in the transporting process, you want to make sure it’s in good condition. If the car you are transporting is inoperable, then this is something that should be made aware ahead of time, so proper arrangements can be made. Some of the things you should check on beforehand are things like:

  • Fully charge the battery
  • Top off fluids
  • Make sure your gas tank is between 1/4 and 1/8 full. The less gas in the car, the lighter it is.
  • Watch out for leaks- cars with leaks should be on the bottom rack.

On and Off Loading

When it comes to on and off loading, the more you can do to prepare the more likely it will arrive on time and without any damage. For example, if you have a convertible, make sure the top is up and secure. Fold back mirrors and antennas. Any specialty items on your car should be secured or removed.  Lastly, disable your car’s alarm! If it cannot be turned off, leave instructions on how to disable it.