Planning for the Frugal Mover

Moving is stressful no matter what day, week or month you choose to do it, but there are times of the year when moving is just a little bit easier and cheaper. No matter if you are doing all the moving yourself or hiring movers and car shipment, knowing when to move is half the battle. It’s also very stressful during this time our world is experiencing. With the on-going pandemic, there is no real answer to when everything will be back to normal. If you’re planning on moving during this time, it’s important to take the necessary steps in order for the move to go smoothly.

In the grand scheme of timing, November through January is the slowest time for moving companies and they are subsequently more flexible on pricing. Likewise, the summer months are the most expensive time to move. Most people don’t want to move before or during the holidays. They also avoid pulling their children out of school to move, which makes summer the optimal moving time for families.

Spring and fall offer moderate temperatures across the country, making moving the easiest and least stressful. More specific than seasons and months, the very beginning and end of any given month will be the busiest time for movers, limiting their availability and inflating their costs.

A majority of leases end at the beginning or end of a month making moving much more frequent during the first and last week. Remember that this will also greatly impact anyone moving in or out of an apartment or condo complex that accommodates hundreds or thousands of people and families.

Just like moving in the summer because of children’s schooling, many people move on the weekends so they don’t have to miss work. Weekend rates are notoriously higher than weekday rates for truck rentals because of supply and demand. If conducive to plans, moving Monday through Thursday is the best bet for less traffic, cheaper prices and overall availability of services.

The more flexible you are with your moving date, the better your move can go. Taking these tips into account can help you plan for a cost-effective and easier move whether its across the country or just a few towns over. Having help during a move, like professional movers or a car shipping service, can also take away some of the stress of moving and let you focus on the most important aspects like your family and having a safe trip to your new home.