Importing a Vehicle to the United States

importing a car
Whether it is moving, selling a car, or for some other reason, there will be instances where you will need to send your car to the US. The tricky part is there are a lot of rules when it comes to sending cargo over the border- so what’s a person to do?
See some of the steps to help your car make the trek:


  1. Environmental Protection Agency Emission Rules (EPA)- this is the testing of your vehicle to see what emissions it puts out and if it tests within the range it needs to be to come to the states. This test is standardized and is comprised of emissions put out while driving, idling, braking, starting etc. There is an EPA form that needs to be filled out with specific information. Once looked over by the EPA it will get approved or rejected.

  3. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration- These regulations are to be verified by the manufacturer. They include headlight specification, bumper safety, and all around safety of the vehicle. Again, there is another form depending on where you are importing from. This can also be accepted or rejected.

  5. Customs- Last stop before having your car shipped into the states is going through customs Depending on what vehicle you are bring you may need to pay customs fees at this time and possibly duty. For this you will need the registration and bill of sale.

  7. State Regulations- Now that the car has made it to the United States the vehicle will have to be tested in the state that it will be registered in. Different states have different regulations and the vehicle must conform to these as well. This is something you can do yourself or talk to the buyer of your car.