How to Prepare for a Long-Term Business Trip

Extended business trip

Most people in the business world are familiar with traveling for work. Trips tend to last a few days to a week and are simple to prepare for. In the rare cases that these trips extended into the weeks and months, far more preparation is needed to ensure a successful trip. Here are some ways to prepare for your upcoming long-term business trip.


The first and most important consideration is where you will stay for the months you’re spending in a new city. There’s a chance your company will provide housing for you. If it’s up to you to decide, consider renting a place with a second bedroom. After a while you’ll appreciate the extra space to store whatever you brought with you.


Taxes can be a hassle when it comes to long-term business travel, especially if you’re entering a new state or country. Make sure you understand the effect this will have on your income tax. Additionally, it’s wise to let your bank and credit card company know that you’ll be traveling so they don’t think your identity has been stolen.


If you have a spouse or children, you’ve likely already decided whether they’ll be coming with you or staying put. If they plan to travel with you, perhaps look into renting a house instead of an apartment or condo. If they’re not, be sure to schedule regular time to talk virtually. Perhaps even plan for them to come out and visit you. Long trips can be lonely, and your loved ones popping in could be exactly what you need.


When traveling for an extended business trip, it can be tough to get around. Many resort to car rentals in the location of their trip, but if it’s an extended trip, this can also be another expense. Most companies would pay for this expense, but it’s always more comfortable to have your personal vehicle on hand. One of the best ways to do this is to consider a reliable car shipping service that can deliver your vehicle to the location you desire without any hiccups.

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