Factors That Determine the Cost of Shipping Your Car

shipping a carShipping your car to another destination with a courier service is an easy and convenient way to get your vehicle from one place to another. But, there are several factors that go into the cost of shipment, and it is important that you be aware of what determines your fee.

Of course, the distance the car must travel will be one factor, as will whether or not either the pickup or drop off points are in a remote location. The driver’s difficulty of the trip counts as well.

Next, there is the time factor. If you want your car shipped within a specific time period and this puts your chosen carrier on a tighter schedule, it will add to your cost. Expedited shipping, rather than the standard shipping of your carrier, will always cost more.

If your car is in good running condition, standard rates may apply. But if your car does not run, it will require a winch system to be loaded and unloaded, and this adds to the fee. It could cost as much as $150 more, so be prepared for this.

There is such a thing as overweight/oversized shipping fees, and if you are shipping an SUV, minivan, cargo van, or pickup truck, these will apply. The weight and size of your vehicle will determine how much more you will have to pay to ship it. Vehicles as big as a full sized sedan, are not subject to these additional fees.

The type of carrier that you need is a big factor in determining the cost of shipment. If you car can be shipped on an open truck you will pay less than if you require covered shipping for an expensive car like a Lamborghini, an antique car, or some other high end vehicle like a Bentley or Rolls Royce.

Be sure to do your research before you choose a carrier and keep these factors in mind so you will have no surprises when it comes to pricing.

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