Debunking The Myths Of Shipping Cars

keyless entry deviceThere are a lot of misconceptions in car shipping. For starters, many consumers think that it’s cheaper to ship their car from terminal to terminal instead of a pick up from their door and delivery to their new door. While each case is different, it’s typically the same cost for both options meaning that you could have more convenience for the same price.

It’s also important to understand that quotes aren’t always 100% correct or accurate. Many consumers receive one quote and make their shipping decision. Unfortunately, when it comes time to actually ship there are extra or inflated charges that come as a surprise. Quotes are general statements of cost, which are not concrete. To get the most accurate quote as possible make sure you have two exact locations, the pickup and drop off. You may also want to request quotes from a few different companies to compare details and charges.

Another misconception is that delivery costs will change with the price of gas. Although gas prices inflate and decrease, delivery charges rarely do. These charges stay the same as they include more than just the cost of gas and it’s easier to always keep the charge the same rather than alter it based on gasoline prices. Many consumers try to ship their cars when gas rates are low, but in reality this doesn’t make any difference in the total cost of shipping and delivery. This also means you can rest assured that even when gas prices go up, the amount you pay to ship your car will remain constant.

Consumers also are often under the impression that they can stuff their car full of boxes and bags to help them get more things to their new destination. However, there are very strict weight regulations that must be met by car shipping services. They will not allow any extra items in the car so its important to take that into account and not rely on your car as a means of getting items from the pickup location to the delivery location. Also note that if the items in your car are not insured, the shipping company does not guarantee their security during the trip.

Knowing the truth about shipping your car can help you plan better and save money. Car shipping is becoming more and more popular as people move more often, for work or pleasure, than ever before. If you are planning on getting your car shipped, make sure to go over the expectations and regulations with the company as well as the quote before signing a contract or shipping your car. The more you know about the process, the better off you will be when it comes to time and cost.