Common Auto Transport Scams

An older man holds up a credit car while speaking on a cellular telephone

Shipping your car across the country or even internationally can be a stressful process, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. The right auto transport company will make the process go as smoothly as possible, easing your worries.

However, some nefarious characters out there do not have your best interest at heart. With that in mind, here are some common auto transport scams too look out for:

The Bait and Switch

This is the most common form of scam in the auto industry and many other industries as well. Due to legislation, it’s not nearly as common as it used to be, but it’s still something to look out for. Essentially, a company will tell you they can move your car for a certain price. Then, once they have the car, they tell you it’s going to cost much more to ship in that time frame than you expected. The best way to avoid this is to book with a reputable company that has mostly good reviews from other customers.

Fake Buyer or Seller

These are also common scams in the world of auto transportation. In the fake buyer scenario, a scammer will reach out to you to offer to buy your car. They’ll insist on a deal that sounds reasonable at first – they’ll send you a check for the cost of the car and for shipping via a company of their choosing. They’ll request you reimburse them for shipping via an untraceable method such as Western Union. The check will bounce and they’ll have the money you sent for shipping.

In the seller scenario, they’ll entice you by offering to sell you a car below market value, but will insist on getting the money up front. They’ll use a fake website to show you the vehicle is being held by a shipping agent and that your money is being held in escrow. In reality, they’ve stolen your money and a car is never coming.


This is similar to the bait and switch scam. The company will offer a reasonable price to someone who is relocating. They’ll act professionally and will take your credit card number down. When you move, they’ll pick up your car, but will then call you to tell you they are charging you an additional few to release the car to you. They may even give another reason. Either way, they’ll tell you you’re not getting your car back until you pay.

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