Car Shipping Service is Not Just a Normal Business Transaction

auto transporting CanadaDuring 2014, we’re making a resolution here at Car Couriers Inc. to better earn your trust as our customers. As we move ahead and start new chapters in all of our lives, all of us hope that prosperity will befall us in the coming year. If left up to untrustworthy people and services, that prosperity may become victim to some unsavory habits.

Take, for example, this story reported by The Pearland Journal, shows one of the risks run by people who don’t properly vet their car shipping service. On New Year’s Day, police in Pearland, TX, pulled over a 2011 Corvette after a traffic violation. The driver ended up being a truck driver who was in charge of transporting the Corvette and other cars.

Although the driver told police that he was authorized to use the vehicles personally, a follow-up call to the auto transport service uncovered that he was lying. A car shipping professional should only be authorized to load and unload cars from a truck and not use them as a personal perk of the job. However, once notified, the owner of the vehicle did press charges, and the driver was detained in Texas.

Sending your vehicle across state lines without your personal supervision is a difficult decision to make. A car is a major investment, and you need to make sure that you’re putting the keys in trustworthy hands. For an auto shipping service, even one incident like this can harm customer goodwill to the point that it seriously damages the business’s bottom line.

Here at Car Couriers Inc., we don’t see the car shipping service as just a normal business transaction. We respect the fact that we’ve been given the responsibility to care for your vehicle and see that it reaches its destination safely. It’s not a task that we take lightly. When you’ve worked hard to enjoy your life, you should be concerned with finding the right service to trust with your livelihood. Car Couriers Inc. is the auto transport service of choice throughout Canada and the United States!