A car transport you can trust

As a car transport company, we care very much about the industry as a whole. One bad apple will ruin the bunch. So much of hiring a car courier depends on trust and integrity. Do you trust this company to handle your vehicle, to assist you on your big move? Do they possess integrity? Building a successful car transport company requires trust and the building of it. With that said, it is always nice to see other transport companies that value trust and integrity. L.A. Prep is one such company.

For more than three decades, L.A. Prep has provided high-quality vehicle preparation and transportation services. They have worked with everyone from vehicle manufacturers to production companies, and they are now offering their services to the public. With a unique take on vehicle transportation, L.A. Prep has several ideas that will make their services unique and memorable for clients. For example, they offer a real-time tracking service that allows customers to view the exact location of their vehicle on a secure website.

L.A. Prep has a fleet of 20 cars, which includes a wide variety of vehicles. They have automobiles that are perfect for transporting vehicles across town to hauling cargo across the country. Some of their vehicles include Peterbilt tractors, Kentucky life-gate trailers and high-quality SUVs. Regardless of the type of cars customers choose, the team at L.A. Prep makes sure to clean and inspect each vehicle before sending it out on a job.

As with any successful transportation business, L.A. Prep focuses on safety and security. They have years of experience that allow them to design and build state-of-the-art automobiles. In addition, they have a secure facility that keeps their cars safe from harm while not in use. Better yet, they have a $2.5 million insurance policy that covers just about any type of vehicle transportation.

The team at L.A. Prep is just one example of some of the great vehicle transportation services found throughout the United States. When you need an experienced, reliable and dedicated car courier service in Canada, you can rely on the team at Car Couriers Inc. to get the job done right!


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