Car Shipping Services for U.S. & Canada

There are times in our lives where it gets difficult to juggle the responsibilities of day to day life. Why not let someone else take care of shipping your car? This would leave you free to focus on some of the more important things on you to-do list. If you are moving, or maybe even purchasing a car from somewhere far away from you, then you can benefit from having your car shipped for you.

Car Couriers Inc. can assist you in all of your vehicle shipping needs- making what has come to be known as a difficult process- a breeze! We assist those in Manitoba, Alberta, British Colombia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.

Since 1997, our family-owned-and-operated business has been proudly serving residents throughout Canada and the USA with auto transport and car shipping services. We have a dedicated team of car movers with the experience, skills, and commitment to take on any job. Regardless of how many vehicles you need us to transport, you can expect fast delivery and high-quality service every time you hire us. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to our company and we take pride in getting the job done right every time.

A Dependable International Car Shipping Company

Car Couriers, Inc. is a company that can be trusted, especially with moving your car over the Canadian/American border. International shipping has never been easier or more affordable. Whether the job is in Canada, you need to travel to the US, or just moving to new home, you can rely on Car Couriers, Inc. to do the job right and deliver your vehicle on time. You can also count on us to be up to date on all the rules and regulations when it comes to customs and delivering your car in a timely and safe manner.

Is your car somewhat quirky? Not a problem. Here at Car Couriers, Inc. we will take the time to understand all of our customer’s individual needs. From sensitive steering wheels to not-so-sensitive brakes, we have seen and driven it all. So even if your car isn’t the newest, you can rest assured that we will be able to handle the drive and make it a smooth transition.

We know that your car(s) are an investment of time and money. For many, they even have sentimental value. Every car has a story and has its own individual history. We can take you through the process of preparing your car and making sure that the ride goes smoothly.

Benefits of Having Your Car Shipped

It’s not apparent to everyone that having your car shipped can have many advantages. But in reality, there are lots of them! Here is a handful to start you off:

  • This method saves you money! There are companies that can drive your car somewhere for you, but this would cost money for gas, mileage, or any hotel rooms they would need to stay in. Not the case here- your car is stationary on a car carrier!
  • You save yourself time. Instead of having to drive the car yourself and possibly even need to take off of work for it, why not let someone else take care of it for you? This frees up your time to do something more important while you wait for your vehicle to ship.
  • Far less stress- who doesn’t like that? You won’t have to hear the phrase “Are we there yet?” when you let a car carrier take your car where it needs to go. You wouldn’t have to worry about filling up your gas or making other pit stops.
  • Lack of wear and tear on the vehicle- this is a big one. While yes your car is moving a far distance, it’s not being driven so it doesn’t age your car.
  • Move multiple cars at once. You can move the whole family’s set of cars, or move your collection of antiques in one move. How convenient is that?

The whole purpose of taking this task off your to-do list is to make your life easier. Why not reward yourself by giving yourself one less thing to think about?

Want to Know More About Our Services?

Pricing for each vehicle can differ due to multiple variables, so it’s best to give us a call and we can discuss your particular case and give you a quote that is specific to your car and your needs.

Browse our site to learn more about our car transport services and the areas we serve. If you have any questions, or if you would like more information about our auto transporting services, contact us today!