Fraudulent car-shipping companies

Like every other industry, the car transport industry depends on trust. Customers must be able to trust us. After all, we are handling someone’s car! Not only that, but we are assisting good hardworking people in a move of some kind, lessening their burden and decreasing their stress levels. If there’s no trust, what’s the point? Unfortunately, some car transport companies out there have less-than-stellar records. Rohini Halli, for example, is a customer whose trust was broken as well as her pocketbook.

In the article, “Winnipeg woman feels ‘cheated’ by car-shipping company,” CBC News reports, “A Winnipeg woman [Halli] says she is the victim of a car-shipping company that didn’t pay its bills, and it has cost her hundreds of dollars and her own vehicle.” Nobody should have to go through that, especially with a car-shipping company. The company in question is ABR Shipping. What they did was contract out to another company, Canadian Fleet Services, but didn’t pay them. Canadian Fleet Services demanded payment from Halli. She held her ground and didn’t pay. Now she doesn’t have her car, as it is being held hostage in the lot at Canadian Fleet Services.

Although Halli won a judgment in court, Canadian Fleet Services has yet to return the car. Dejected, Halli has given up. She may never see or drive her car again. The real culprit is ABR Shipping. They swindled both Canadian Fleet Services and Halli. Canadian Fleet Services owner, Daniel B. Stefanik, said, “I don’t deal with ABR anymore because on a national level, they’re scamming everybody.” Those are some harsh words!

At Car Couriers Inc., we feel bad for what Halli has gone through. Before using a car transport, do some research and look online. Concerning ABR Shipping, there are many customer complaints on the web. Had she read them, she may not have used their services. For a Canadian auto transport shipping service you can trust, Car Couriers Inc. is here to carry your dreams.